Walk Berb along dice faces and find the right path.

Made for GMTK Jam 2022


Movement: WASD/Arrow Keys

Undo: Z

Restart: R

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
AuthorsDarn, MeowVibes
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Short


Berb Hike Win.zip 26 MB


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Hi I found an interesting bug where when you collect the last star and the animation starts you can move out of the star and collect it again which restarts the animation. Great game btw!!

Really clever puzzles!

simply put this is a amazing puzzle game. truly the best I've seen in this jam. simple and concise, you should be proud.

hey I am making a game similar to this, and then I found your game and noticed that it is similar, I’m not posting the game on itch.io so I just wanna know if I should mention you.

No need. No reason to credit us if our games just happen to be similar.

Here's the Highlight of the interview, thanks again for coming on to answer my questions;



Actually really great puzzles, I wasnt expecting that from a jam game. The last puzzle is actually amazing, really well thought out.

Deleted post

What a fun puzzle, really enjoyed it!

Very fun puzzle game. Great job!


Really cool and creative game! One thing I did find while playing is that you still have full control over the character once you beat the level, and if you walk into the final star again, the animation to go on will just restart, so that's something to note if you want to expand on the idea. Congrats on top 20!


whoever named this game deserves a cookie

Really fun game. Wish there were more!

Fun! Reminds me of Kirby puzzle games for some reason

Amazing Game. One of the best takes on the theme of the Jam, "Roll of the Dice". Really cool puzzles too!! 

this is so cute and a good challenge! I hope you make more levels.

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Wonderful game. Thank you for making it.


This was such an interesting puzzle! It really took me a while to get the last level!

Glad I wasn't the only one who got stuck on the last level!

Thus game is AMAZING. Great idea, challenging and fun. 

I really like this one! The dice being hot/cold for counting up/down was a really nice touch! :)

Nice game! The puzzle is very interesting and intuitive!

So Wholesome! So Fun! Amazing work! I have no notes. It was just genuinely a fun puzzle game.

a 10/10 game! really cute, cozy and easily enjoyable if you're in the mood for something easy that requires a little bit of logic

ATTENTION! can easily become your comfort game ;;